Sun Ra - God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be LP


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Label: Cosmic Myth

God Is More Than Love Can Ever Be is somewhat of a rarity in the Ra catalog – a cohesive album, with none of the stylistic eclecticism and patchwork personnel characteristically found on Saturn LPs. The album's five tracks were recorded at Variety Studios in one session in 1979. Drummer Samarai Celestial (Eric Walker) recalls this being his first recording date with Ra; bassist Hayes Burnett had been with Ra since 1976 and would remain until 1982 or '83.

This is an intense set of shifting moods, reflecting the telepathy that is the essence of small combo jazz. Sun Ra doesn't play notes – he paints stars. Burnett's bass runs fluid and thick. Celestial is a perpetual motion machine, displaying the muscle and propulsion of Mahavishnu-era Billy Cobham.

Originally released on Ra's private Saturn label in small press runs under the alternate titles Days of Happiness, Blithe Spirit Dance, and simply Trio from 1979 to 1981, fully realized artwork was never established and the album got scant circulation; hence, it has remained a largely overlooked session in the Ra omniverse.