Sun Ra - Space Is The Place Book+DVD+CD


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Label: Harte

Our Review:

For all deep fans of the late great Afro-futuristic jazz visionary Sun Ra, this is something special, possibly essential. A 40th anniversary celebration of Sun Ra's one of a kind, mind blowing low budget sci-fi movie from San Francisco in the '70s, Space Is The Place, consisting of a book, a cd, and dvd. On the dvd, you get two different cuts of the film, on the cd the film's classic soundtrack, and in the book tons more pertaining to the project - including never-before-seen photos from the set, various essays, and interviews with cast and crew. One of the highlights is the chat with Ray Johnson, the only professional actor in the film (he was in Dirty Harry), who played the "Cosmic Overseer" in Space Is The Place. His stories about shooting scenes with Sun Ra are great. What's cool is that to this day he's clearly a true believer in the man's out of this world genius. And the same goes for others featured in the book, including the young cinematographer who knew nothing of Sun Ra and his scene before hand, but ever since has been big avant-jazz fan.

So, this is the ultimate Space Is The Place artifact for sure. Hardcover, 11" x 10", full color, 124 pages, with DVD in a pocket inside the front cover, and CD in a pocket inside the back. Introduction by Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips.