Survive - RR7349 12"


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Label: Relapse

Our Review:

The Netflix sensation Stranger Things has been quite the cultural sensation for nostalgic horror laced with pre-adolescent psychological dread; and many folks had their ears piqued by the suitably John Carpenter-esque, synth-bourn soundtrack by two of the dudes from Survive. We've long championed Survive and all of the projects that various band members have done through the constellation on the Holodeck imprint. So, we're completely stoked that they've has achieved such notoriety for doing exactly what they want to do: making an awesome synth record. Just to be clear, RR7349 is not the soundtrack to Stranger Things, but it sure could be the imagined soundtrack to a hitherto unknown Philip K. Dick story. An entirely instrumental affair for multiple synths and percolating sequencer, RR7349 marvels in its sci-fi atmospherics and retro-futurist surfaces. Goblin, John Carpenter, Heldon, Oneohtrix Point Never and Conrad Schnitzler are all the obvious comparisons to Survive. Heavy, minor-key melodies from the band's array of analog synths grace much of Survive's arrangements, settled upon plodding rhythms. These tracks are hardly linear progressions, rocketing at times with huge majestic arcs of blossoming synth filagree and double-timed machined drums and others suspending in deep-space orbit devoid of gravity amidst a golden hued nebulae of electronic swoosh. Along with the Troller record Graphic, this is the best release to come from Holodeck crew.