Swans - The Glowing Man 3xLP


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Label: Young God

After 2014's epic To Be Kind, Swans return with a new album, The Glowing Man, announced as the last album release of Swans' current incarnation.

"The Glowing Man, as with its predecessors, is a sprawling two-hour epic containing lengthy compositions that the band developed during their momentous tours (and documented their progress on limited double-CDs released on their website in order to raise funds for the proper albums). The Glowing Man contains fewer tracks than the group's previous albums (only eight this time around), and most of them are well over ten minutes each. This looks daunting on paper, but it doesn't seem indulgent at all to anyone who has witnessed the group's performances, which are moving experiences for the musicians and audience members alike. Gira is less a songwriter than a summoner, channeling unspeakable amounts of energy into ritualistic spectacles. The Glowing Man is sadder, gloomier, and more disturbing than the more hopeful To Be Kind, but the band have always embraced many positive and negative elements in their work, and they all add up to an extremely powerful expression of nearly every human emotion." – Paul Simpson / All Music