Teresa Rampazzi - Immagini Per Diana Baylon LP


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Label: Die Schachtel

The long and mesmerizing single piece of analog electronic music that develops over the two sides of Immagini per Diana Baylon (1972), the latest Die Schachtel "Silver Series" LP is a soundscape composed by Teresa Rampazzi for the artist Diana Baylon's 1972 exhibition at the modern art gallery Il Fiore in Florence, Italy. Diana Baylon (1920-2013), a friend of Rampazzi's, was a cross-disciplinary artist who transformed various materials (ceramics, glass, metal, paper, paintings, graphics, jewelry) into figurative and – later in the '60s – abstract and programmatic art objects. In the summer of 1969 she appeared – along with Alberto Burri, Pablo Picasso, Jean Dubuffet and Lucio Fontana – at the Festival dei Due Mondi di Spoleto exhibition "Maitres Et Jeunes D'aujourd'hui." For the 1972 Florence exhibition, Teresa Rampazzi realized this long "soundtrack" (in her words) to be played in loop. Sounds were made with the analog equipment she used at the time. "The inner space of the exhibition" she wrote, "is made of sound, for the whole duration of the exhibition. The work is composed by a series of sound events, with both informal and aleatory features, in a continuous flux, and there is no planned predetermination in any of the various sections. This choice has been made for the sound space to adjust to the sculptor's plastic and loose images." Immagini per Diana Baylon was in fact the third time Teresa Rampazzi realized music for an exhibition. The first was also the very first experimental composition that Rampazzi and Ennio Chiggio composed in 1965, a sound collage for the opening of an exhibition of the Gruppo Enne at the International Biennale d'Arte in Venice. The second soundscape piece, "Environ" (1970), was realized for the presentation of a 360 degree round modular couch in foamed resin designed by Chiggio, presented at a furniture shop in Padova in 1970. The piece is featured on the Die Schachtel Musica Endoscopica LP by Teresa Rampazzi released in 2009 (DS 009LP). Immagini per Diana Baylon is the eighth LP release in the Die Schachtel "Silver Series" dedicated to the pioneers of early Italian electronic music. Limited deluxe vinyl LP edition. Silver printed cover with silver-foil print, with a red inner sleeve and booklet. Edition of 450.