Terre Thaemlitz / DJ Sprinkles - Deproduction EP2 LP


Sold Out

Label: Comatonse

The second vinyl EP from Terre Thaemlitz's first album in five years Deproduction features its two bonus tracks: "Admit It's Killing You (And Leave) (Piano Solo)" and DJ Sprinkles' corresponding "Dead End" deep house mix. Presenting vinyl versions of the bonus reworks to his 43-minute Deproduction album track "Admit It's Killing You (And Leave)," the A-side includes Terre's haunting 14-minute "Piano Solo," where he drops the unsettling backdrop of samples of domestic violence to leave the keys suspended in reflective space, reverberating in plangent overtones which take on a starker effect if you care to play it at 33rpm. The B-side is Sprinkles' uncannily brilliant "Dead End" house mix, a more percussive adjunct to the "House Arrest" mix off EP1, framing traces of the original vocal and keys in a sumptuous, rolling and swinging deep house workout full of rustling congas and lustrous low-end that marks up among her most affective, especially in its closing minutes. So damn good.