The Fall - Code: Selfish LP


Sold Out

Label: Proper

Formed in 1976, by 1990, The Fall had been through 18 line ups, releasing 14 albums and 24 singles – The only constant was leader, vocalist Mark Edward Smith – welded to the work ethic, creating music that stunned in its obscure brilliance; railing against mediocrity, flailing against the status quo.

1992's Code: Selfish marked the arrival of Dave Bush to the group on keyboards, bringing a harder, techno-edge to the work. Less focussed than its predecessors, the album reveals its considerable charms gradually – the initially impenetrable seven-minute splurge of opener of "The Birmingham School of Business School" gives way to the Top 40 commercialism of "Free Range." The glam stomp of "Immortality" and "Two-Face!" are counteracted with the wistful introspection of "Time Enough At Last" and "Gentleman's Agreement."