The Haters - Future Cheers LP


Sold Out

Label: Urashima

"I destroy out of joy, not despair. I don't destroy out of anger. I destroy out of curiosity. I tear things apart to see what makes them tick. I want to take time apart to see what makes it tick-tock. I enjoy destroying everything because I enjoy leaving nothing un-destroyed. My noise acts as a kind of audio account or authentic evidence of this ceaseless, perpetual bittersweet happiness we call entropy." – GX Jupitter-Larsen

Our Review:

Since the mid-80s,The Haters have gleefully produced their own brand of idiosyncratic and hermetic noise that roughly adheres to the recent statement uttered above by Haters' founder / ringleader GX Jupitter-Larsen. Their declarations of anti-art and the sonic construction of negative space often occur alongside a jubilant celebration of professional wrestling, whose exaggerations of physical strength and brute force become comically theatrical. For The Haters, noise operates in the same absurdist arena as two muscle-bound blockheads smashing metal chairs over each-others heads. The well-curated Urashima imprint has plucked Future Cheer from a Sound Of Pig cassette originally published back in 1986. Future Cheer a mediated construction of slow-motion turntable noise of an hotly amplified runout groove, rapid-fire video-game cut-ups, and a hell of a lot of smashed glass. Jupitter-Larsen (who appears to be the sole pilot of The Haters on this recording) assembles his tape-collages through the start-stop mechanisms, leaving pockets of empty space between the sustained explosion of grit. It's the overly caffinated video-game tape collages aspect to Future Cheers that makes this album such a fucked-up and jubliant piece of sound-art. Yeah, we gotta love this sonic jackhammer that reminds us of that snot-nosed 12-year-old jabbing insistintently on the buttons on the mid-'80s arcade classic Punch-Out amidst a wall of Christian Marclay noise from the same time period. Coming from The Haters, it all makes perfect sense!