The Soft Moon - Zeros LP


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Label: Captured Tracks

Our Review:

In the year since its release the Soft Moon's debut full length has become a critical darling of the music world. On that eponymous album, the songs were immediately gripping and pretty damn perfect. Within the sea of similarly styled bands who would describe themselves as "dark," The Soft Moon's debut will stand out as a classic. Soft Moon main-man Luis Vasquez has taken things to the next logical step by assembling a full band to bring these songs to the live stage. Vasquez and company effortlessly show the world that there is more where that came from, in creating another perfect slab of similarly shadowy post punk nihilism. On Zeros, the Soft Moon cranks through jagged rhythms, Factory style basslines, echo-drenched guitar jangle and hypno-wave groove. The mood is overwhelmly cold and clinical, even as the rhythms sweat and bleed.