The Wire - 405 November 2017 Magazine


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Label: The Wire

The Wire Tapper 45: The next volume in our exclusive series of underground music anthologies will be attached to the cover of every copy of the November issue -- 20 new tracks from Nicole Mitchell & Haki Madhubuti, Off World, Geodetic, Ensemble Minisym, Caroline Devine, Matti Bye, and more. Inside the issue: Dan Spicer talks to Canada's cosmic troubadour Eric Chenaux; Jacob Arnold tells the story of Milwaukee's 90s DIY IDM rave scene; Erik Davis hymns reborn Bay Area synthesist Pauline Anna Strom; Can's biographer Rob Young remembers the late Holger Czukay; Maya Kalev meets du jour DJ/producer Call Super; Dan Barrow listens to the sound design of Twin Peaks. Plus: Invisible Jukebox - Mark Wastell; Epiphanies - Susan Rogers on James Brown; Global Ear - Bogota; Inner Sleeve; Unofficial Channels ; Bites - Ahmed, Mike Dunn, Lea Bertucci, Amanda Kramer's Paris Window, Dead Rider.