These Immortal Souls - Extra LP


Sold Out

Label: Mute

This record includes extensive sleeve notes by original member Harry Howard and is released alongside the 2024 remaster editions of their debut album, Get Lost (Don't Lie!), and their second album I'm Never Gonna Die Again. The tracklist for this record features their visceral, propulsive reimagining of Alice Cooper's 1972 track "Luney Tune," as well as covers of "Open Up and Bleed" by Iggy Pop & James Williamson, "Some Velvet Morning" written by Lee Hazlewood, which lead singer Rowland S. Howard notably covered with Lydia Lynch, and "Hey! Little Child" written by Alex Chilton.

The band consisted of Australian-born Rowland S. Howard, who rose to prominence as Nick Cave's collaborator in the Birthday Party, his bass-playing brother Harry Howard, drummer Epic Soundtracks (formerly of Swell Maps and Jacobites), and keyboardist Genevieve McGuckin. They came together in 1987, after Soundtracks and the Howard brothers split from Crime & the City Solution and were joined by McGuckin to form These Immortal Souls in London.