Tim Hecker - Radio Amor 2xLP


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Label: Kranky

Our Review:

As commonplace as "glitch" was in the early aughts, only a handful of abstractionists seemed truly dedicated to understanding the parameters of their tools and improve upon that which came before. For years this elite included Fennesz and Stephan Mathieu, but soon Canadian electron-wrangler Tim Hecker would emerge with a series of amazing releases. Radio Amor, Hecker's classic third album from 2003, perhaps best represents his washed-out, gauzy aesthetic. Through an immensely rich set of reverb and granular synthesis patches, Hecker renders the digital blip into a blissed-out field of electric drones and white noise. Clustered piano notes are ripped apart and suspended in the ether; the warm buzzings of analogue distortion detach from the rippling vibrations and half-melodies – all bathed in a radiant luster. Totally gorgeous.