Tom Ze - Todos Os Olhos LP


Sold Out

Label: Tres Selos

Todos os Olhos (1973) is one of the most emblematic and essential records of the confrontational music of Brazil. By denouncing, criticizing, and mocking the trend of "heroes" who made "protest music" at the time, Tom Zé signed his eremitic letter of exclusion but not without "contest the contestation". Excommunicated from the MPB and even from tropicália, in Todos os Olhos Tom Zé presented, with a lot of courage, an unusual way of fight Brazil's military dictatorship. All that would be later triggered in Tom Zé's career is here, always ready for a new rediscovery. Tom Zé is considered the most "paulista" of all Tropicalistas. He came from Bahia, but his wry urban poetry, infused with the uncomfortable sounds of the largest metropolis of South America, is pure São Paulo. The tracks "Complexo de Épico", "Cademar", "Um 'OH' e um 'AH'", "Augusta, Angélica e Consolação" and "O Riso e a Faca" were included in Brazil Classics 4: The Best Of Tom Zé, compiled by David Byrne and released by Luaka Bop in 1990. This reissue includes unseen photos, new testimonials from Tom Zé himself and a lengthy article by author Bento Araujo.