Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards - Wreck His Days LP


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Label: Blackest Ever Black

Our Review:

Nobody is claiming authorship as of yet to the amorphous construct that is Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards, even as a rotating cast of characters passes by. This mystery parallels the woozy, hauntological drippings of art-rock deconstruction found on this debut album, which follows a 10" that Blackest Ever Black released in the recent past but seems to have disappeared before anyone heard it. Wreck His Days manifests into this earthly plane through a plethora of shadowy electronic droning piled onto a classic electronics obliqueness that slips between the ghostliness of Demdike Stare and the feverish minimalism of Dome. Yeah, it makes perfect sense that something like this would materialize on Blackest Ever Black. Hypnotized, ASMR whisperings creep amidst the Reichian piano clusters and drum-machined sputterings of rhythm, only to get submerged in ominously industrial beacons of synthesized bellowings and sequenced basstone detonation. It’s rare when any of these tracks evolve into something that could resemble a song, as the fragment of a forgotten Les Baxter tune or the projection of a jazzy stand-up bass groove is all that Tomorrow The Rain Will Fall Upwards will provide in the prevalence of spookiness. Jonnine Standish of HTRK, Genevieve McGuckin of These Immortal Souls, and whole bunch of musicians who are hitherto unknown appear throughout. Murky is the mood to this exceptional outing found on Blackest Ever Black!