UnicaZurn - Transpandorem LP


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Label: Touch

Our Review:

UnicaZürn is the collaboration between Coil's Stephen Thrower and David Knight of Shock Headed Peters, Arkkon, Danielle Dax's ensemble, etc. While named for the Surrealist writer and artist, UnicaZurn is guided by sages of inner-mind music and the very British astral projections of John Dee via modular synthesis. Thrower's final contributions to Coil were on the lysergic classic Love's Secret Domain, an album that Thrower was at odds with due to its heavy focus on rhythm. His work as Cyclobe (which he conceived after parting ways with Coil in the early '90s) paralleled Coil's obsessions with hermetic knowledge and shapeshifting aesthetics. As UnicaZürn with David Knight, the two follow similar strategies but dial back to an earlier time of kosmische electronic exploration, through the patterned sequencing and charmed electronic invocations harkening to Zeit-era Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze.