Varg - Star Alliance 2xLP


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Label: Posh Isolation

Our Review:

Jonas Ronnberg is the Swedish electronic engineer operating under many banners for cold techno and black-noise drift, with Varg being one of those many guises. In 2015, Ronnberg published Star Alliance as a set that sprawled across a six cassette boxset through Posh Isolation. As an object, it disappeared so quickly as to not even seem to be real, making this double LP reissue all the more necessary. Varg's Star Alliance parallels the bleak rhythmist excursions that Dom Fernow has explored through Vactican Shadow. Shadowy acid percolations and muted monophunk thumps drive the rhythmic architecture, but it's mood that Varg is best at conjuring. An emotional torpor of emptiness weighs heavily upon the ambient hauntings and spectral drones, emerging through Varg's high altitude atmospheric disturbances and psychological dislocations. Fans of Gas, Thomas Koner / Porter Ricks, and Mika Vainio / Ø will be well served by Star Alliance!