Various - Archive Fever: New Zealand Underground Sound in Fanzine Interviews 1991­­-1999 Book


Sold Out

Label: Marhaug Forlag

Paperback edition. 308 pages.

A book collecting interviews, artwork and texts of New Zealand underground sound artists from fanzines in the years 1991-1999. Collected by Noel Meek. Texts by Noel Meek, Bruce Russell, Seymour Glass (Bananafish) and Nick Cain (Opprobrium). Cover illustration by Stefan Neville (Pumice).

Interviews with:

  • Alastair Galbraith
  • A Handful Of Dust
  • Omit
  • Bruce Russell
  • Gate
  • Surface Of The Earth
  • Sandoz Lab Technicians
  • The Dead C
  • Witcyst
  • Roy Montgomery
  • Dadamah
  • Dean Roberts
  • Peter Stapleton
  • The Garbage And The Flowers
  • Clare Pannell
  • Kim Pieters
  • Thela
  • Bill Direen
  • Dress
  • Flies Inside The Sun