Various - Still In My Arms LP


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Label: A Colourful Storm

Label head Moopie and digger extraordinaire Bayu shine light on a set of gems excavated from a curious period of IDM-electronica. The sentimental sequel to their stunning I Won't Have To Think About You compilation, the ten tracks float in melancholic space yet sound beautifully human. Neo Ouija alumni Bauri and Plod meet deFocus' own Lackluster, while Abfahrt Hinwil, the legendary duo of Toytronic boss Chris Cunningham and Martin Haidinger exchange a letter of melody with Multiplex. Includes a previously minidisc-only track by Proem and a superb cut by Merck Records' own MD, aka Jaakko Manninen. Also features Gimmik, Num Num, and Boc Scadet. Full-color, reverse-card sleeve with printed insert.