Vinicio Adames - Al Comienzo Del Camino LP


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Label: Trueclass

TrueClass Records present a reissue of Venezuelan electronic music pioneer Vinicio Adames's synth-pop masterpiece Al Comienzo Del Camino, originally released in 1985. 23 years of age, Vinicio Adames self-produced and self-financed his first album, Al Comienzo Del Camino. Released in its time in Venezuela only, the album has been unavailable for decades. A complete restoration of the masters for this release, makes this album available now for the first time in fine audio quality. This classic recording for the genre, with its complete analog production including the usage of samples, the unique overall sound with its "international" influences, and the modern expression within the songs, has passed the test of time and still delivers its emotional capacity today. Vinicio Adames continues to produce music until today. This reissue of Al Comienzo Del Camino and the first official release of the 7" inch single "Amazonia" (TC 7001EP) will be followed by a collection of works from the 1990s and contemporary new production by Adames. TrueClass Records is set up to release music by artists whom we respect as a true artists.