Wayne Siegel - Autumn Resonance / Domino Figures LP


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Label: Black Sweat

Black Sweat Records present a reissue of Wayne Siegel's Autumn Resonance/Domino Figures, originally released in 1983. A little-known, but extremely beautiful, post-minimalism album composed by Wayne Siegel when he was mid-twenties. Having moved to Denmark between 1979 and 1980, Siegel began to investigate the possibilities of a very personal language, contributing to the kaleidoscope of post-minimalism. These works are constructed around a relentless musical process that consists of delaying and repeating every element in a certain measure, without intentional alteration. Siegel called this process "Canon Technique," letting it become over time his obsession. Black Sweat Records proposes the awaited reissue of Siegel's LP. Compared to the original 1983's release by Danish label Paula, this release includes authentic pictures from the performance of "Domino Figures," as to present the visual results of Siegel's works as part of his contribution to contemporary arts. Also included are liner notes that echo the current value of Siegel's experimental approach to sound. "Autumn Resonance" is a fast canon in which musical figures move quickly around the concert hall; measuring distances, Siegel emphasizes the interrelation of the individual piano, the acoustic of the concert hall and his mood as parts of an organic work. "Domino Figures," for 10-100 guitars, is a sound work that embodies the shape of a semicircle. The performers sit in a semicircle, performing a kind of slow chain reaction, where a choral texture is produced and evolves slowly. Widely renowned in its large number of declinations, it is presented here in a 42 guitars version, dedicated to the Danish guitarist Erling Møldrup.