William Basinski & Lawrence English - Selva Oscura LP


Sold Out

Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.

For over half a decade, William Basinski and Lawrence English have been in regular contact with one another.During that time their paths have crossed repeatedly in various cities; Zagreb, Los Angeles, Hobart and more, in avariety situations. It was from these chance encounters - and the strange familiar of lives lived in transit - that theirfirst collaboration, Selva Oscura, was seeded. Each of the extended pieces on this record maps an acoustictopography that draws on the concept of drifting into the strange familiar. The works each dwell in an ever shifting, yetfundamentally constant state of unfolding. As one sound fades away, another is revealed in its place, creating asense of an eternal reveal. Selva Oscura was recorded in Brisbane and Los Angeles simultaneously. Thecompositions were each created through a process of iteration and rearrangement that inverted the micro and macrocharacteristics of the raw sonic materials. Dynamics and density were chiseled with restraint and at other timesintensely reductionist approaches to create a limitlessly deep, but open sound field - as rich as the suggested placefrom which its title is drawn.