Woo - Into The Heart Of Love 2xLP


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Label: Palto Flats

Since the 1970s Woo have been recording a plethora of eclectic sounds, most falling under the blanket genre of new age, but spiraling out toward notions of ambient, jazz, and other spiritual takes on modern music. Into The Heart of Love is a prime entry point to Woo's sound; containing some of their most beloved songs it exists in a parallel universe to Durutti Column and Cluster, with pastoral electronic lullabies, shimmering guitars and dreamy synthetic interludes over its 23 tracks. This definitive version is presented here in its entirety for the first time on double vinyl, remastered by Josh Bonati from newly discovered tapes with unreleased material. The inviting spot glossed gatefold jacket features artwork, photos and drawings from Woo's archives as well as liner notes by Clive Ives (one half of the band).

Originally self-released on cassette in 1988, with a wider cassette release in 1990, it was compiled from home recordings from the preceding years, and came out during a transitional point for the band. The Ives brothers see this album as their most complete work, offering space to the listener to stretch out and immerse themselves into the warmth of their sound. Their most fully-formed album is a cosmic testament to the healing power of love, utilizing vocoded clarinets, pastoral guitars, homespun folk lullabies, and lilting electronics, coalescing into a an hour plus long journey through their otherworldly soundscapes.