Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi LP


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Label: Palto Flats

Our Review:

It's all about the cat! Sporting one of our favorite album covers ever, Yasuaki Shimizu's sublime fourth solo album from 1982 finally sees a LP reissue outside of his native Japan. Saxophonist and frontman for the group Mariah, whose Utakata No Hibi was a standout reissue last year, Shimizu employs a playful exuberance towards a modern atmospheric exoticism. Anchored by marimbas and saxophones, the wiley songcraft on Kekashi maneuvers dynamically between experimental pop, jazz, dub and cinematic ambient textures. Easily one of the best and highly anticipated reissues of the year. Kekashi will appeal highly to fans of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Stereolab, Tortoise, Cornelius and the High Llamas as well as far out seekers of exotic pop rarities.