Ze Eduardo Nazario - Poema Da Gota Serena LP


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Label: Lugar Alto

An exhilarating blend of free jazz, the roots rhythms of northeastern Brazil, electronics and Asian percussion, from 1982. Zé Eduardo Nazário is a virtuoso drummer. In the late 60s he was a regular at the famous Totem night club in São Paulo, performing alongside the likes of Tenório Jr. With Guilherme Franco, he formed the Grupo Experimental de Percussão. Besides recordings with Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti, he is most celebrated for his six years with the pioneering Grupo Um.

Each side of this debut solo project explores different duets. The first quarter presents Cacau improvising on saxophone, and Nazário playing with a free, rolling, tumbling swing, using the kit in full. The second is more tranquil, featuring Zé's mastery of the glockenspiel, and Indian percussion instruments such as the tabla and mridangam, whilst Cacau switches to a more delicate, dancing flute, combining northeastern with deep Amazonian influences. The B-side is something else. Lelo Nazários's synth clusters and electronic storms engage the exploratory percussion-work with cosmic curiosity, leading into the sublime "Prá Sentir E Prá Contar," with singing by way of South India, graceful synth chords and fluttering percussion.

Expertly remastered by Lelo Nazário, directly from the original tapes, and beautifully produced, with an 180g pressing by Pallas, and an insert. It's a blast. A thrilling example of outernational shamanism and how music can be both spiritual and challenging at the same time. Hotly recommended.