Alain Goraguer - La Planete Sauvage OST (Expanded Edition) 2xLP


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Label: CAM Sugar

Black vinyl version.

At the 1973 Cannes Film Festival, a feature-length animated film caused a sensation and won the Special Jury Prize: La Planete Sauvage by Rene Laloux, with phantasmagorical drawings by Roland Topor. For this philosophical tale of anticipation, where men are used as domestic toys by blue giants, the Draags, the celebrated composer Alain Goraguer unleashes his inspiration with a haunting main theme of great melodic clarity, soaring and hypnotic atmospheres, but also pursues funky rhythms with wah-wah on guitar, as if reaching out to Isaac Hayes from Shaft.

Over the decades, the acclaim of La Planete Sauvage has been growing in crescendo, both the film and its score, revered by new generations as a psychedelic summit, an Everest of French pop. Artists from the new world, from rap and hip-hop cultures, such as A$ap Mob, Madlib, Mac Miller and many others, have dipped into it for samples or remixes.

As La Planete Sauvage celebrates its half-century, CAM Sugar presents a new deluxe edition of the soundtrack, mixed from the recently discovered multi-track tapes, including 7 previously unreleased tracks and 3 alternate mixes. Produced under the expert supervision of Patrick Goraguer, Alain's son, this is released as deluxe gatefold 2LP (including a special illustrated zine). Listening to this complete album will confirm the spellbinding power of La Planete Sauvage is intact.

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